Midwifery & Lactation Sydney was formed to support women during late pregnancy right through to care of their newborn and infant.  From Breastfeeding to settling MLsydney wants to support women in their journey and lighten the load of what can be a challenging time. 

Samantha and Catherine the two co-founders of Midwifery & Lactation Sydney are passionate about providing compassionate care for women, babies and families. They understand that pregnancy and the transition to motherhood can be an exciting yet vulnerable time filled with a range of emotions, and they want to make sure all women and families have access to the education and support they need throughout this time. Both Samantha & Catherine are known for their friendly, compassionate and approachable nature as well as their commitment to ongoing education and love for their profession. They both feel that the work they get to do with families is an honour and look forward to joining you on this journey


No two families are the same and whilst she/her are used throughout this site Samantha and Catherine want to acknowledge that they will use whatever pronouns their clients and their family identify as.